far east holding group has retained its position among the top 500 asian brands

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  on october 27, the 17th asian brand gala was launched at hainan free trade port. the "asia top 500 brands" list for 2022 was released at the conference. with a brand value of 98.616 billion yuan, far east holding group joined the list together with state grid, icbc, huawei, haier and other well-known brands, and retained the first place in the industry brand value list.

  guo xiaoheng, senior partner, chief brand officer and chief supply chain officer of far east holdings group, was invited to attend the award ceremony. wang tingting, senior partner of far east wisdom energy co., ltd. (abbreviation: far east; stock code: 600869) and assistant director of brand culture department, accompanied the company.

  mr. guo was invited to attend

  this ceremony by the professional brand value evaluation agency asiabrand launched, aimed at exploring the asian brand growth road, from the brand independent innovation, brand growth, product iteration and other dimensions to explore the asian brand high quality development road, for the asian brand international development of strong power.

  at the ceremony, global and asian political and business leaders, brand leaders, domestic and foreign business representatives, media organizations gathered in haikou to witness the birth of this year's top 500 asian brands.    

guo xiaoheng  (third from left) on the forum

  in the afternoon, the asian brand international forum with the theme of "the belt and road brand innovation" was held, and guo xiaoheng was invited to attend and deliver a speech.

  guo xiaoheng said that since its establishment 37 years ago, far east has adhered to the “one entity and two functions" development pattern of intelligent cable network, intelligent battery and intelligent airport. we also constantly increased the investment in technology research and development, continued to strengthen the brand building, and shouldered the brand responsibility.

  in terms of how brands lead the development of the industry, guo xiaoheng said, "as a leading company in china, we should take more social responsibility. over the years, we always adhere to the quality first, brand first, and the national standards. we also actively participate in the national standard, enhance consumer awareness of wire and cable products, make the public aware of the importance of the product quality of wire and cable, and cause the attention of the whole society to the standard and quality, leading the industry development of high quality."

  in terms of brand building, guo xiaoheng said, "as the industry leader, far east has always adhered to the brand strategy and business strategy. we hope to convey three values to the public through brand building. the first is functional value, that is to provide safe, reliable and ultimate products and services for the society; the second is the emotional value. through the connection between the product and the application scene, it can generate emotional resonance with consumers, making the cold industrial products warm and bringing the "warmth of home" to everyone. the third is the symbolic value. different from the functional value such as quality and durability, the symbolic value of a brand mainly interprets the symbolic symbolism contained in a brand, which positively influences consumers' willingness to co-create value. we hope to strike a chord with the vast number of consumers through our continuous persistence in industry, education and charity, and protect the light and warmth together."

  jiang xipei, founder and chairman of far east holdings group, once said: "in the future, only enterprises with quality, brand and reputation can go further." therefore, while making the industry bigger and stronger, far east also takes the building of enterprise brand as an important strategic goal. with continuous efforts, the brand value increases year by year, promoting far east to become the leader in the industry.

  at present, our country is developing from manufacturing power to brand power, and the far east will continue to stick to industry, keep innovation, actively take advantage of brand, and strengthen brand culture. we also strive to become a first-class enterprise, lead brand power construction, and write a new chapter of national brand.