walking together on the "path to prosperity of the new era" under the "belt and road" initiative

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in august, the crane jibs in the far east cable's working area worked steadily and laden trucks carrying cable products departed one after another on the wide factory roads, connecting this unique cable-centric economic hinterland to the distant azure sky...

as the trucks departed, a batch of goods was set to embark on a distant journey. "just now, a shipment of cable products bound for zimbabwe, south africa, was sent out. similarly, our various specifications of products such as wind power cables and rubber-sheathed cables are constantly being transported to india, egypt, hungary, the philippines, and other countries," shared the overseas market support specialist of far east cable's customer service center.

when it came to the current supply situation, he spoke at length, showing a sense of pride. "more than 100 countries along the 'belt and road', basically where the company has conducted export activities, are covered."
the initiation and implementation of the "belt and road" initiative have brought significant changes to domestic and international trade, and far east cable is providing inexhaustible momentum for the implementation of this crucial decision.
smooth flows of goods present a scene of bustling activity. according to statistics, from april to june this year, far east cable received over 200 overseas orders, with products covering various sectors such as infrastructure construction, power grid construction, and new energy, offering robust support of products and services for the co-construction of the "belt and road" initiative.

"from the small city, yixing, to the 'new silk road', we measure this long march for the cause with passion and relentless effort..." said jiang chengzhi, secretary of the party committee, executive chairman, ceo, and industry chairman of far east holding group co., ltd.
from august 22 to 24, the 15th brics summit was held in south africa. this year marks the 10th anniversary of the "belt and road" initiative, and general secretary xi jinping highlighted the important direction of advancing the co-construction of the "belt and road" initiative once again in his meeting with president ramaphosa of south africa.
as a leading enterprise deeply rooted in the industry for 38 years, how has far east cable actively integrated itself into the construction of the "belt and road" initiative, fully unleashed the potential of the "route", and excelled in the "cable" sector? in jiang chengzhi's view, it is essential to fully leverage technological and brand advantages to promote the development of the industry in terms of scale, intelligence, specialization, and environmental friendliness, and continuously drive digital transformation, thereby serving the overall national development and contributing to global development.

in recent years, far east cable has deeply engaged in and supported numerous overseas projects, such as the power carbon fiber cable projects in kazakhstan and myanmar, the 308mwp photovoltaic project in 60 districts of azerbaijan, nine dragons paper's project in malaysia, the 2*350mw coal-fired power plant project of tsingshan in indonesia, the bali project in indonesia, the manila photovoltaic power station project in the philippines, equatorial guinea's new energy project, the cachi hydropower station in costa rica, and the karot hydropower station in pakistan, with crucial product and service support.
with the further progress of the "belt and road" initiative, far east cable is accelerating its pace in going global. in the first half of this year, the company provided strong support to key projects in indonesia, nepal, the philippines, and other countries. building upon the internationalization of products, technologies, and services, far east cable has closely followed the latest changes in international technologies and industrial development. it shines on the world stage with quality, strength, and integrity and stands as a prime example of the exportation of chinese brands with robust technologies and high-quality products.
"in future development, far east cable will continue to focus on its core business, strengthen its industries, take the lead in expanded industry scale, elevated quality, and enhanced strength, and build a comprehensive high-end cable industry chain and energy industrial cluster to drive the industry towards higher value-added segments. efforts will be made to achieve new accomplishments in industrial construction and provide robust support for serving and integrating into the new development pattern and striving to create a new situation in the co-construction of the 'belt and road' initiative," said jiang chengzhi. 
under the hot sun, the working area bustles with the moving vehicles and the machines continuously running in the factory. "contributing to the co-construction of the 'belt and road' with our strength is a form of happiness," said the interviewee.
the millennium-old ancient silk road now shines with the even richer connotation of the times. along the route that spans the past and present, across national boundaries, china's manufacturing industry is continuously infusing it with formidable energy.
the sound of waves echoes through a millennium, and as the wind rises, the sails are set again. by virtue of its brand and technological advantages, far east cable is striving to compose a new chapter of the industry "going global".
faced with broad market prospects and favorable opportunities, far east cable will adhere to the theme of "high-quality development", spare no effort to enhance production efficiency and technological levels, grasp the opportunities brought by the "belt and road" initiative, accelerate overseas market expansion, and endeavor to make the world embrace "made in china" products with passion, thereby contributing to the better development of global integration.