spanning mountains and seas to boost the "air silk road"

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from august 22 to 24, the 15th brics summit was held in south africa. during this summit, brics leaders would engage in discussions on strengthening brics cooperation, expanding brics cooperation mechanisms, and other relevant topics. south africa also extended invitations to leaders from dozens of african countries, other emerging markets, and developing countries to attend related meetings.

as proactive, positive, and constructive forces in the international community, brics countries have established the consciousness of a community with a shared future for mankind. they collectively drive more comprehensive, inclusive, and resilient global development. brics countries share a strong consensus on revitalizing global development dynamics and improving global economic governance, aligning well with the global development initiative and the "belt and road" initiative.

the year 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the "belt and road" initiative. over the past decade, the "belt and road" initiative has progressed from laying foundations and erecting pillars and beams to taking root and achieving sustained development. it has evolved into a platform for international cooperation featuring openness and inclusiveness, mutual benefit, and win-win cooperation, as well as a global public product widely welcomed by the international community.

with the deepening implementation of the "belt and road" initiative, interconnection and intercommunication among various transportation modes and the construction of large-scale and intelligent comprehensive transportation hubs have become new trends of development. airports, as preferred nodes of modern integrated transportation hubs, will play an increasingly prominent role.

beijing jinghang'an airport engineering co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "jha"), a subsidiary of far east smarter energy co., ltd. (referred to as smarter energy, stock code: 600869), is an enterprise with "first-class qualification" in the field of civil aviation engineering. as a key participant in airport construction projects of countries along the "belt and road", jha has been involved in the construction of airport projects in over 10 countries such as new luanda international airport in angola, velana international airport in maldives, and pokhara regional international airport in nepal.

jha is committed to becoming a leading global smart airport service provider showcasing "chinese wisdom" in each project. in the siem reap-angkor international airport project in cambodia, the construction of the navigational lighting aid project took 15 months to complete. throughout the construction process, the project team scientifically allocated resources, optimized construction plans, adjusted construction procedures, and overcame numerous challenges such as the inconvenience of cross-border material and equipment transportation, challenging construction environments, and disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic. these efforts ensured the successful and timely completion of the project with high quality.

in addition to strict quality control over projects, jha emphasizes technical communication and cultural exchanges during project construction. not long ago, jha participated in an exchange and training seminar for the new gwadar international airport project in pakistan. during the seminar, a comprehensive summary and review was conducted on the construction progress of visual navigational lighting aid engineering, air traffic control and meteorological engineering, as well as weak electricity engineering for the new gwadar international airport. through technical communication and cultural exchanges, both parties aimed to elevate the level of their communication and cooperation to new heights.

in the future, in airport engineering construction, jha will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "being a credible enterprise and creating qualified projects", adhere to the consciousness of responsibility of "safety first, quality supreme", and ensure the timely completion of all construction tasks with excellent work style, exquisite construction techniques, and rigorous quality management.

with its work style characterized by "conscientiousness, meticulousness, and high standards" and by fully carrying forward the excellent tradition of jha people being "especially tough and courageous", jha has accumulated successful overseas project experience over the years. it has played a significant role in promoting infrastructure connectivity along the "belt and road" and constructing the "air silk road", thereby contributing to the interests of the "belt and road" initiative and the establishment of a community with a shared future.

established in 2002, beijing jinghang'an airport engineering co., ltd. possesses a "first-class qualification" in the field of airport special engineering, ranking first in the sub-industries. it is a specialized engineering company deeply dedicated to the construction of civil aviation airports. the company has over 400 professional technical talents, including certified architects, certified cost engineers, senior engineers, etc. with advanced construction machinery and equipment, instrumentation, and other supporting technical equipment, it has strong capabilities in detailed design, technical research, and process innovation, as well as abundant experience and strong technical capabilities in organizing engineering construction at 4f class airports and under non-stop operating conditions. the company holds 83 technical patents and software pg电子app官网入口 copyrights and possesses 13 engineering qualifications, including the first-class contracting qualification for visual navigational lighting aid engineering in airports, first-class contracting qualification for civil aviation air traffic control engineering and weak electricity system engineering in airports, and first-class contracting qualification for airport runway engineering. it is an enterprise with "first-class qualification" in the field of civil aviation special engineering, ranking first in the subfield of navigational lighting aid, with the highest award in the field of construction engineering quality in china, the "luban prize". the company consistently implements the business philosophy of "being a credible enterprise and creating qualified projects", adheres to the quality policy of "meeting customer satisfaction, keeping continuous innovation and pursuing excellence", upholds the work style characterized by "conscientiousness, meticulousness, and high standards", promotes the corporate spirit of "honesty, dedication, innovation, and pioneering", focuses on airport engineering, and strives to create the "jha" brand characterized by standardized management, exquisite construction techniques, and leading technical strength.