official announcement! far east holding group's 17th consecutive year on china top 500 enterprises list

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  on september 20, the "2023 china top 500 enterprises summit forum" kicked off in hefei. the forum was hosted by the china enterprise confederation, supported by the anhui provincial people's government, and organized by the anhui provincial economy and information technology department and the hefei municipal people's government, under the theme of "accelerating the construction of world-class enterprises on the new journey of chinese-style modernization".

  wang yong, member of the party group and vice chairman of the national committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference (cppcc), wang zhongyu, former vice chairman of the cppcc and president of the china enterprise confederation and the china enterprise directors association, han jun, secretary of the cpc anhui provincial committee, wang qingxian, deputy secretary of the cpc anhui provincial committee and governor of anhui province, tang liangzhi, secretary of the party group and chairman of the anhui committee of cppcc, xin guobin, member of the party group and deputy director general of the ministry of industry and information technology, and other leaders attended the press conference. nearly 1,000 participants, including representatives from the china top 500 enterprises, renowned experts and scholars, and mainstream media, attended the conference.

  during the general assembly held in the afternoon, the 2023 china top 500 enterprises list was revealed. far east holding group made it onto the china top 500 enterprises list once again and ranked 239th among china top 500 manufacturing enterprises. 

  it is reported that the entry threshold for 2023 china top 500 enterprises was rmb 46.998 billion, representing an increase of rmb 23.73 billion from the previous year, with a growth rate of 5.31%. the entry threshold for 2023 china top 500 manufacturing enterprises was rmb 16.55 billion, indicating an increase of rmb 17.72 billion from the previous year, with a growth rate of 11.99%.

  jiang xipei was invited to attend the 2023 china top 500 enterprises summit forum and delivered a keynote speech titled building a first-class talent beacon to ignite corporate vitality at the thematic forum on "top-notch talent leading top-tier enterprises".

  to build a top-tier enterprise, it is imperative to possess top-notch talent, as talent is the key and primary resource for corporate development. jiang xipei believed that the one who could attract talent first could win the market and become the next champion. currently, a mismatch in human resources has become a crucial factor affecting economic and social development. it is essential to further liberate our thinking and strengthen the top-level design for talent acquisition.

  over its 38-year history, far east has undergone five restructurings and six leaps. it has consistently aligned itself with the principles of the communist party of china and the state and has always prioritized offering timely and high-quality products and services to solve substantial problems for customers and society. the company has actively promoted the coordinated development of industrial, educational, and charitable endeavors and continually refined corresponding institutional arrangements. for example, transitioning from the previous "people-oriented" approach to an "outstanding personnel-focused" approach and now to a "dedicated contributors-oriented" approach, the company aims to cultivate career partners who are resolute in their beliefs, loyal to quality, honest, responsible, and willing to contribute. the one-word difference between talent recruitment and talent acquisition vividly demonstrates far east's strong appetite for talent.

  to retain talent, far east has strengthened the top-level design of its institutional framework and introduced a range of incentive policies, covering employee income, platforms, promotions, and equity, among other levels and aspects of demand. simultaneously, seven priority policies for talent acquisition have been established, which give preference to disabled people, veterans, fresh university graduates, those who commit to having three or more children, families with no employment, employees from the company's locality, and those with direct relatives who have worked for the company for over five years. by doing so, far east's commitment to actively fulfilling its social responsibility and improving employees' happiness index has been fully reflected, earning it the title of "china's best employer".

  when talking about the current situation of market development, jiang xipei pointed out that in an era marked by the backdrop of unprecedented changes in a century and the dual impact of post-pandemic times and geopolitical crises, all industries are objectively facing a reshuffling of the landscape. rapid market changes have posed significant challenges to many enterprises. resources have been increasingly concentrated among leading enterprises in industries or segment markets. companies lacking core competitiveness in their products and up-to-date management concepts can only passively follow the pace set by others, which essentially means they are destined to be phased out of the market. however, both the improvement of core product competitiveness and innovation in management heavily rely on the support of talent.

  jiang xipei went on to explain that despite facing intense market competition, all industries are downsizing their industrial distribution or staff to reduce costs. however, far east has experienced the two largest years of industrial investment in its history in the last two years thanks to its long-standing "three-five-five" action plan (namely, combination between domestic and international markets, combination between product and capital operations, and combination between hard power and soft power; customer orientation, institutional orientation, goal orientation, problem orientation, and performance orientation; and comprehensive digitization, comprehensive intelligence, comprehensive internationalization, and comprehensive benchmarking to achieve comprehensive transcendence), which has laid a sound foundation for the company's sustainable development.

  talent leads innovation, and innovation drives development, while outstanding talent is always a scarce resource. in the future, far east will continue to uphold its core business, strengthen the industry, and build on the three major business segments of smart cable network, smart battery, and smart airport. it will maintain the talent philosophy of "respecting, cultivating, and empowering talent", thereby transforming its talent advantage into a driving force for high-quality development and contributing to the high-quality development of the chinese-style modern manufacturing industry.