build new and old infrastructure, promote growth of far east shares

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  since 2022, infrastructure investment, as a ballast stone for economic growth, has played a positive role in expanding effective investment and stabilizing the overall economic market. in the first three quarters of this year, total winning bids for infrastructure projects have reached 4.394.1 billion yuan, according to big data from china infrastructure link. investment in power grid projects, power supply projects, transportation, communications and other areas increased steadily, effectively driving demand for power lines and cables. from january to september 2022, far east wisdom energy co., ltd. (abbreviation: far east; stock code: 600869) received contracts and orders of over 10 million yuan from its subsidiaries, totaling 17.29 billion yuan, with a year-on-year growth of 25.18%. among them, the smart cable network segment was 15.712 billion yuan, up 50.25% year on year.  

  the investment of power grid and mains side speed up significantly

  from january to august, 266.7 billion yuan was invested in power grid projects nationwide, up 10.7 percent year on year, according to the national energy administration. during the first eight months of this year, major power generation enterprises invested 320.9 billion yuan in power supply projects, up 18.7 percent year on year. among them, thermal power was 48 billion yuan, up 60.1% year on year; nuclear power was 33.3 billion yuan, up 9.1% year on year; solar power generation reached 102.5 billion yuan, up 323.8 percent year on year.

  it is understood that from january to july this year, a total investment of the state grid under construction was 883.2 billion yuan, including 110 kilovolt or above power grids and pumped storage power stations 3299. this year's total project investment is expected to hit a record high of 1.3 trillion yuan, and the investment in upstream and downstream industries will exceed 2.6 trillion yuan, further giving play to the role of power grid investment.

  according to the researchers of power equipment and new energy industry, power grid has the characteristics of large investment scale, long industrial chain and strong driving force. the medium and long term economic benefits are remarkable, which can effectively promote the coordinated development of regional economy. it can effectively promote the coordinated development of regional economy, and plays a very important role in stabilizing the economy, stable growth and promoting development. power grid investment has an obvious trend of accelerating the landing. at the same time, referring to historical data, power grid investment usually accounts for 25% of the whole year in the third quarter and is expected to reach 40% in the fourth quarter. enterprises in the power industry chain are expected to usher in the peak of annual performance.

  driven by two major grid investments and growing demand for wind and photovoltaic power, cable head companies are expected to continue to benefit. the intelligent cable network business of far east shares is in a leading position in the industry in the comprehensive capabilities of the generation side, transmission side and distribution side of the power system. and continue to develop uhv high-conductivity energy-saving wires, chip implantable intelligent cables, wind power high-voltage torsion resistant cables, aluminum alloy cables, energy storage system cables to help the construction of the national power system.

  transport investment maintained a sound growth momentum  

  in the first eight months of this year, fixed-asset investment in transportation reached 2.34 trillion yuan, up 6.6% year on year. of this total, 402.8 billion yuan was invested in railway construction; the investment in highway construction was 1,768.2 billion yuan, up 9.5% year on year; the investment in water transportation construction was 99.7 billion yuan, up 8.6% year on year; a total of 67.1 billion yuan was invested in civil aviation. from the point of view of august, the investment in fixed assets of transportation completed 331.2 billion yuan, an increase of 8.6% year on year, maintaining a good growth trend.

  the cable products for urban rail transit of far east share intelligent cable network segment have been applied in many urban rail projects such as metros in beijing, nanjing, shanghai, xi 'an, wuxi, guangzhou and shenzhen  and guangdong and have been unanimously recognized by customers.

  in the smart airport sector, the subsidiary jing hang 'an won the bidding and signed the contract orders of more than 10 million yuan from january to september, which was 857 million yuan. in september, jinghangan obtained the first-class qualification certificate of civil aviation airport runway engineering, becoming the fifth national first-class qualification enterprise in the field of civil aviation professional engineering; jing hangan has undertaken nearly 700 projects in more than 160 airports at home and abroad.

  the development prospects of the communications industry are optimistic  

  the communications industry as a whole ran smoothly from january to august. new progress has been made in the development and application of new infrastructure, such as 5g, gigabit optical networks and the internet of things, and new drivers of industrial development are gaining strength. by the end of august, the total number of 5g base stations reached 2.102 million, accounting for 19.8 percent of the total number of mobile base stations, up 5.5 percentage points from the end of last year. among them, 677,000 new 5g base stations were built from january to august this year.

  analysts point to 2022 as the year when the digital economy will surge. with the continuous deepening of 5g construction, the development of optical broadband continues to speed up, the intelligent operation of network is on a higher level, and the future development prospect of the communication industry is optimistic.

  grasping the development opportunities of the data center market and 5g "new infrastructure", far east shares is pushing forward the construction project of the whole industry chain of optical fiber and cable with a total investment of 1.84 billion yuan. after the completion of the project, it will have an annual capacity of 1500 tons of prefabricated optical fiber, 50 million core kilometers of optical fiber and 35 million core kilometers of optical fiber. the capacity of the first phase of construction is 600 tons of light rods, 20 million core kilometers of optical fiber and 20 million core kilometers of optical cable. at present, it has completed the construction and equipment configuration of the optical cable plant with an annual output of 12 million core kilometers, and delivered the optical cable orders to customers as scheduled.

  under the requirements of moderately advanced construction, new infrastructure and traditional infrastructure will be put into action at the same time. china is ushering in another round of strong infrastructure investment cycle, with considerable room for growth in power construction, transportation, communications and other subsectors, and the industry growth rate is expected to maintain a high level. far east will continuously consolidate the development foundation of smart cable network, smart battery and smart airport industry, seize market opportunities, and make full efforts to promote the construction of yibin smart industrial park project, high-end marine cable industrial base project, and communication optical fiber and cable project, so as to create a new growth level of performance.