r & d capability

far east cable has more than 1600 units (sets) of domestic and foreign advanced production equipment and testing equipment.
  • argon arc welding sheath production line

  • horizontal tensile tester

  • horizontal tensile tester (100t)

  • 700kv21000kva ultra high voltage equipment of haefely hipotronics usa

  • 700kv 21000kvva ultra high voltage of haefely hipotronics usa

  • cross-linking principal controller

  • high voltage production line

  • composite core workshop

  • french bodia disc strander

  • french bodia frame strander

  • french bodia 630 frame strander

  • shock generator

  • double-headed continuous copper retracting production line imported from niehoff

  • pd detection equipment imported from hyva

  • 500kv cross-linker production line imported from troister