the commitments of far east

  • guarantee to offer expected and satisfying products with high quality for uses;

  • insurance company is responsible for products’ quality guarantee insurance.

  • after receiving feedbacks from customer, offer after-sale service within 48 hours.

quality declaration of far east

i. we will organize to study, propagandize and implement spirit of production quality law, promote to realize “two fundamental changes”, make efforts to improve the product quality of the company, engineering quality and service quality, make efforts to improve the entire quality of enterprise and capability in market competition.

ii. we will increase forces to promote technical progress, establish scientific quality view.

iii. we will firmly establish concept of “quality image”, realize brand development strategy.

iv. we will make efforts to cultivate enterprise’s quality culture, and take professional ethics and professional dedication as the important contents to cultivate enterprise culture.

v. we will make efforts to improve service quality. customers are our “gods” forever, and consumers are “people we rely on for a living” forever.

vi. we will devote more efforts to improve staffs’ quality.

vii. we will promote legal system building for quality, intensify quality surveillance, punish unlawful act severely.

viii. we will insist on building management system with quality as core, devote more efforts to carry out iso09000 quality system standard, iso14000 environmental protection management standard and environmental management system, promote quality, which are not only our incumbent responsibilities, but also our pledge to march toward the 21st century.